T14-10 Axle Flatbed

The unique Air-tow flatbed uses a totally different concept to make loading easier and safer. The trailer deck remains completely level as it raises or lowers hydraulically in less than 30 seconds. At ground level, you simply drive your equipment onto the trailer. It is especially useful for equipment with poor traction or low ground clearance such as scissor lifts, sweepers, pavement rollers, etc. Air-tow eliminates the need for difficult tilt beds or dangerous loading ramps, making it a one-man job even in adverse weather conditions.



GVWR 13,545 lbs.(9,995 lbs. also available)
Capacity 10,000 lbs.
Weight (varies w/ opt.) 3,545 lbs.
Deck Width 6’3″ (75″)
Deck Length (inc. 18″ ramp) 14′
Deck Material Steel Plate
Ramp Size 18″
Overall Width 102″
Axles Tandem
Wheels/Tires 16″ – 12 Ply
Brakes (electric-std.) Electric
Suspension (rubber/air) Rubber
Lift Mechanism Hydraulic
Coupler 2 5/16″ Ball
Color Royal Blue
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