150 kva Generator

• Rugged, fuel-efficient Isuzu diesel engine.
• Ultra quiet thanks to advanced sound-absorbing technology.
• Surprisingly lightweight and compact to fit into tight spaces.
• Engine meets EPA Tier III emission standards. DGK150 Ultra Quiet 150kVA/132kW 3-phase 90kW single-phase
• Provides both single- and threephase output.
• Single-phase 120V output available in all voltage settings.
• Voltage selector switch permits matching output to the load. Lockable switch protects against improper voltage change.
• Low oil pressure and high coolant temperature result in automatic shut-downs. Powered by Isuzu .
• Overload protection switch shuts the unit down in the event of load problems.
• Durable all-weather enclosure with powder coat paint and stainless steel fasteners throughout provide protection against corrosion.
• Two-way tank valve for easy connection with auxiliary tanks

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Generator type Revolving Field Brushless AC
Continuous output, 60/50Hz, 3 phase 120kW (150kVA)/100kW (125kVA)
Continuous output, 1 phase 90kW (90kVA)
Standby output, 3 phase 132kW (165kVA)
Voltage, 3 phase (switchable) 208, 220, 240, 416, 440, 480V
Voltage, 1 phase (switchable) 120, 127, 139, 240, 254, 277V
Amps, 1 phase, 120V 333A (4-wire), 361A x 2 (zig-zag)
Amps, 1 phase, 240V 166A (4-wire), 361A (zig-zag)
Amps, 3 phase, 240V 361A
Amps, 3 phase, 480V 180A
Frequency – regulation 60/50Hz – ±0.25%
Voltage regulation, 3 phase ±1.0%
Voltage regulation, 1 phase ±2.5%
Rated speed, 60/50Hz 1800 / 1500 rpm
Winding 3-phase, 4-wire Star with neutral/zig-zag
Power factor / Insulation class 0.8 / F-class insulation
Excitation / Number of poles Static (brushless) / 4 poles
Sound level, no load at 23 feet 57 dB(A)
Sound level, full load at 23 feet 60 dB(A)


Make, model and type Isuzu 6HK1TC, 6 cylinder
Emission certifi cation EPA Off-road Tier III
Design features Direct injection, Turbocharged, Intercooler
Displacement 7.790L (475.4
Bore x stroke 115 x 125mm (4.5 x 4.9 in.)
Continuous rated output 190 hp @ 1800 rpm
Starting system Electric 24V DC
Internal fuel capacity 280L (74 gallons)
Fuel consumption, full load 32L/hr (8.5 gal./hr)
Fuel consumption, 3/4 load 25L/hr (6.6 gal./hr
Fuel consumption, 1/2 load 17L/hr (4.5 gal./hr)
Fuel consumption, 1/4 load 10L/hr (2.6 gal./hr)
Total coolant capacity 23.8L (6.2 gallons)
Total oil capacity / oil class 38L (9.9 gal.) / CD or higher


Dimensions (L x W x H) 3450 x 1240 x 1850mm (136″ x 49″ x 73″)
Unit dry weight 2900kg (6393 lbs)
Meters and controls Voltage, frequency, amperage and hour
meters; automatic voltage regulator;
oil pressure and water temperature gauges;
battery charge warning indicator.
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